Trans Red Round Plate 1x1

Element: 3005741

Quantity: 4

Red Plate 1x2 W. 1 Knob

Element ID: 379421

Quantity: 16

Red Plate 1x2

Element ID: 302321

Quantity: 4

Red Plate 1x4

Element ID: 371021

Quantity: 14

Red Corner Plate 1x2x2

Element ID: 242021

Quantity: 12

Red Plate 2x2

Element ID: 302221

Quantity: 1


White Plate 1X2 W. 1 Knob

Element ID: 6051511

Quantity: 4

White Plate 1x2

Element ID: 302301

Quantity: 4

White Plate 2X2

Element ID: 302201

Quantity: 8

White Plate 2x3

Element ID: 302101

Quantity: 2

White Plate 2X4

Element ID: 302001

Quantity: 2

White Plate 2x2 Round

Element ID: 403201

Quantity: 4

White Brick 1X1 W. 1 Knob

Element ID: 4558952

Quantity: 4


White Brick 1x2

Element ID: 300401

Quantity: 2

White Brick 1X2 M. 2 Holes

Element ID: 3200001

Quantity: 2

Dark Grey Plate 4x4

Element ID: 4243831

Quantity: 2

Dark Grey Brick 1X4 W. 4 Knobs

Element ID: 4210725

Quantity: 4

Black Plate 2X2 Round

Element ID: 403226

Quantity: 2

Black Round Plate 2X2 W/Eye

Element ID: 6010831

Quantity: 1

Medium Grey Connector

Peg W. Knob

Element ID: 4211483

Quantity: 4


Teardrop Ornament Model File | Alternate Colors Model File | Building Guide

You can order the parts for the Tear Drop Ornament through Lego’s Pick a Brick. Enter the Element ID of each item on this list, add it to your brick bag and adjust the quantity. Double-check to make sure you’ve added all the parts you need (and in the right amount), and then add the brick bag to your shopping cart.